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Swarovski Rhinestones beginners questions & tips

We like to share the tools of the trade to all crafters starting with Swarovski rhinestones, whether it is Swarovski rhinestones in flatback or hotfix. Here are some basic questions we get often~ 


 1. What is the difference between Hotfix and Flatback Swarovski Rhinestones? 

Hotfix~ These Swarovski rhinestones are virtually the same as flatback, except they have a heat activated adhesive. They can be ironed on by using hotfix transfer paper also known as mylar paper or applied using a hotfix applicator, this type of rhinestone is great for applying to fabrics. 

FlatBack~ These Swarovski rhinestones are great for applying to virtually anything you can think of. These are applied using a permanent adhesive glue like Gem-Tac or E6000. These glues work great on fabrics as well.

2. What size or color Swarovski Rhinestone is right for me?

This all depends on your desired application. We have a custom made size/color chart for purchase. A necessary tool to keep on hand. 

 3. How do I apply Flatback Swarovski Rhinestones?

These are applied using a permanent adhesive glue like Gem-tac or E6000. Use a cohesive amount of glue either on the back of the rhinestone itself or place a small amount on the object where the rhinestone will be placed. Simply apply the rhinestone in its place using any of our tools like the jewelers wax pick and allow the glue to cure for the recommended time as stated on the type of adhesive you use. We highly recommend using our syringes for exact glue "dot". Comes out clean & precise We carry three different sizes here.

4. How do I fill the syringe with glue?

After tip is screwed on syringe, hold syringe horizontally and squeeze glue into the syringe making sure that the glue does not reach the tip or touch the top of the syringe. Fill as much of the syringe as needed and then place the plunger back into the syringe. Hold the syringe vertically (tip on top, plunger on bottom) making sure that there is an air bubble at the top. Gently push the plunger up until the glue reaches the tip. Here is a link to our YouTube video! The syringe is not intended for repeat uses after 24 hours. You can clean Gem-Tac out of the syringe and reuse if needed. E6000 cannot be cleaned out of the syringe but can be reused within 24 hours if you store in a very wet napkin in a plastic bag.

 5. How do I apply Hotfix Swarovski Rhinestones?

There are two different methods that we recommend~

Hotfix applicator tools place the individual hotfix Swarovski rhinestones in place, you can also follow your design or hotfix stencil. You can draw or trace a design onto your fabric of choice and follow the design using the hotfix applicator.

Use an iron and our hotfix transfer paper also known as mylar paper. You can use one of our custom designs or follow one of yours.

 6. What hotfix applicator tool is better?

I use both. They have their pros and cons, I will list them for you to help you decide~

BeJewler Pro~ Comes with a handy tool to clean your tips. The tool starts to heat up as soon as you plug it in & has a great comfort grip handle.

Kandi Professional Touch~ Has an on/off switch. This is a great feature, you can control when the tool heats up, an added safety feature. Comfortable grip.

*these tools are not intended for use from ages 12 & younger. The hotfix applicator tool gets very hot and can burn your skin. Use with caution like an iron.

 7. What is Hotfix Transfer Paper? Is it the same as Mylar Paper?

Hotfix transfer paper is the same as mylar paper. Hotfix transfer paper is a clear sticky paper that is made to hold the hotfix rhinestone in place as you follow or create your design. It is also used to make rhinestone motifs. Once the design is created you can easily iron the design in place.

 8. Can I return or exchange? 

Yes, you may return or exchange at your own shipping cost. If you are doing a return there may be up to a 20% re-stocking fee. Exchanges are welcome with no re-stocking fee. No returns on wholesale.


Thank you all for your support over the years~ Stay tuned for new updates and tutorials over the next few months

xxo Crystal Rhinestone Boutique ~

May 06, 2018 by Crystal Kittens


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